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Welcome to the Another Side, Another Story Kingdom Hearts Fanon/Canon WikiEdit

"I want to put the pieces together... Yours and mine."
~ Sora - KH2

Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Fanon/Canon Wiki.
From beginning with the Keyblade War leading up to the start of Kingdom Hearts 3.
This is a fan free site anyone can edit, but ask for premission to edit, if the story is NOT yours to edit.


  1. You are allowed to make KH Fanons (a.k.a. "Fan Fictions" or "FanFics") and Unique Character Profiles.
  2. Feel free to add (more stuff) to your Fanons, Characters and Worlds'', etc..
  3. Ask for Premission(s) to change things or assist to help on someone's Fan Fics.
  4. Your are allowed to work as a group, if that is what you want.
  5. I hope you'll have fun making FanFics, Characters` profiles, Worlds, etc... Enjoy. *smile*

About Kingdom Hearts Fanon/CanonEdit

Kingdom Hearts Fanon/Canon is a place where you are allowed to write your own fanons, characters, worlds, timelines, etc... A story that is a continuem of the original story or something to do with the original story: past, present, or future, etc. You can add new world or continue to use the older worlds to you liking of either or both (i.e. - Old World: Tarzan's World; Deep Jungle or New World: Toy Story's World).
These are related to the Kingdom Hearts Worlds (i.e. - Disney, Final Fantasy, Marvel (kind of), Kingdom Heart's Worlds; itself, and/or your own made up; out of the blue worlds, etc). If you want to add worlds that are NOT of the Kingdom Hearts Worlds (i.e. - Tsubasa, D.N.Angel, Naruto, Bleach, etc.), make sure to add a Kingdom Hearts look to those characters.
Other than that just have fun and enjoy making up your own stories.

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